United v stand Divided we fall,
Is a famous line that I recall.
Assembling in blue and white
We gathered with all our might
Ready to run as one,
Defying the scorching summer sun.
Darkness loomed the park,
With a faint sound of a dog’s bark.
At the stroke of six,
It was an eclectic mix.
Some from far some from near
Yet our vision was clear.
Age, caste, creed, gender or group
We firmly held together as a Troup
No difference no bias
Just a feeling of being pious.
Andheri, Bandra,  Navi Mumbai, Powai or town,
Our antics were no less than a clown,
We ran together with smiles,
Melting those egos with every mile.
As we ended the run,
We recalled the moments of  fun.
That’s how it should be
The feeling of oneness and Glee.
Runners are a carefree lot,
That’s how it was initially taught,
Pace, time, fast or slow
The ones who stride always glow.
Runners must strive to grow
And restrain from stooping low
Holding our heads always high
We must welcome all with glory and a hi five.