My hubby Amit Sridharan and I had attended the comrades run at EEH yesterday which was organised by the spirited Gangs of Sonapur. It was a felicitation run for all the comrades’ runners running the mind numbing 89 km race amidst the rolling hills in South Africa-a race that stretches beyond human physical endurance.

This event at EEH was a 10 k run on the flat surface and a couple of km included the scenic trail of the salt-pans. It was a humid day and doing a 10 k seemed like an arduous task considering the not so conducive weather conditions.
However the cheerful stance of the volunteers offering water and spraying chill water on our faces saw us through the distance. The event was brimming with enthusiasm and toothy smiles. The unique medals in the form of bottle openers were being given to all the finishers. Added to which there was a breakfast spread of idli, chutney, chaas and a cake to sweeten our taste buds.

It was along the side lanes of this stretch that I experienced an unexpected humbling and a gratifying moment. As I sat there chatting with runner friends, a kind faced lady came up to me asking if I was Swetha Amit. I smiled and nodded in affirmative. She had recollected having seen me at the KOR event back in June 2016 and said she would never forget the way I had cheered her while she was running.

I was deeply humbled and speechless for a minute. I faintly recollected a saying which stated that “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget the way you made them feel. “

As a runner I had this habit of saying “come on, good going” to any fellow runner irrespective of whether I knew them or not, just to boost their spirits and create a feel good factor.

Little did I realize that a simple gesture of mine would actually be etched in the memory of someone whom I didn’t know? I looked at her, smiled and chatted with her a bit.

This 10 k run at EEH was one run which left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. For once it was not because of the endorphins or the usual runners high. It was because I learned that an unconditional gesture of mine sometime back, made a difference to someone else’s run.

I had read somewhere that it’s the simplest things in life that bring ultimate joy. How true! An individual goes through several troubles in their lives which we usually aren’t aware of. Sometimes a nice gesture on our part unknowingly tends to brighten their day and adds that sparkle of joy even if it’s for a short moment.

So never fail to smile or utter a word of appreciation especially during a run-you never know whose day or life you will end up brightening- sort of like a gentle soothing breeze on a scorching summer morning!