I was out on my morning run with my hubby Amit Sridharan and was struggling to keep up the tempo pace as the humidity began to take a toll on my stamina levels. I had to slow down my pace a bit to conserve my energy reservoir.

Sometimes during our runs, we unexpectedly bump into an old acquaintance who would join us for a while and catch up on the latest updates. Today was one such day as an old colleague of my husband met us.

After the usual greetings and small talk, the conversation steered into the whooping business of Bahubali and the latest releases. I was almost drained trying to keep up the run and the conversation.Slowly I drifted into my own thoughts and decided to focus on the run.

All on a sudden, my ears perked up as he said something that caught my attention. He mentioned that he had couple of tickets to the movie ‘half girlfriend’ to which he was unable to make it due to some last minute work. He was wondering if we were interested in buying it from him.

I was mortified just imagining the prospect of watching a movie with a half baked title like the half girlfriend and which was inspired by a novel by Chetan Bhagat. Now I hadn’t read the novel nor did I intend to. His only books that made a decent read were ‘Five point someone’ and ‘2 states’.

This sudden jolt was enough to up the pace my strides and I politely excused myself, stating I was going ahead. Shaking my head in despair, it made me wonder what a queer term it was -‘The half girlfriend’.

Leaving my hubby to continue the conversation, I want ahead thinking ” I would anyday run a ‘half marathon’ in the scorching heat and humidity amidst daunting slopes than watch a movie like the ‘ half girlfriend!’