I was running on marine drive today at a tempo speed. After a point I began to feel exhausted but decided to keep going. Just at that point, I heard a voice say “good running”, despite the fact that my speakers blaring loudly. I looked up to see a retreating muscular figure give a thumbs up sign but couldn’t quite catch the face. All on a sudden, my ego spiked up at this unexpected massage of these soothing words and I began to imagine myself as a champion running in the last leg of the race with spectators cheering for me from the side lines. This helped me pick up pace and finish strong at NCPA.

While I was stretching at NCPA, my thoughts delved deeper than the calm blue Arabian Sea that I was looking at. I wondered what was it that was considered as a good gift to runners or any person for that matter. Good shoes? A smart pair of shorts with a funky singlet? A Garmin watch? A complimentary buffet breakfast at the Taj?? ( Not a bad option;) ) I then realised it was none of these.

A few words of appreciation goes a long way in boosting ones self esteem and the feel good factor. We are forever dealing with scars from past insults or put downs with regards to our abilities or physical appearances. This has led to lowered confidence levels and self doubts to creep in.

In this world where criticism is hurled easily, it becomes a rarity to see goodness in ones words or gestures. As a journalist/ writer, I have strongly believed that words, especially positive ones, go a long way in creating that long lasting impact and remains etched in ones psyche forever.

The best gift therefore lies in these golden words of appreciation that radiates one’s morale in the “long run”. (Pun intended).

Moral: Be sure you give that thumbsup or a word of encouragement to any fellow runner/ person when presented with the opportunity. You never know, these words could help in making someone’s day a tad brighter!