Born in Bareilly and brought up in Srinagar and Rajasthan, Sachin was the youngest amongst 5 siblings. Their father was a Helicopter Pilot in the Air Force while mother was a Homemaker.

At Age 7, Sachin joined Taekwando and Swimming classes along with his sisters Jyotsna and Archana. After learning Taekwando for 5 years earning the Red 1 Belt, Sachin and Jyotsna went on to teach Taekwando for two years 😎. In 10th standard; inspired by their elder brother Sailesh- a National level Basketball player, the three siblings joined Basketball. Within a year, they all went on to play in the Nationals Team 😊.

Sachin joined the Christ Church College in Kanpur and did his graduation in BA Economics specializing in Statistics. He continued playing Basketball in College, was the University Captain for 2 years and played for University and Nationals through all 3 years of his Degree. He also played Kabaddi and Kho-Kho at National level.

In 2001 Sachin got the opportunity to model for Provogue and did Ramp modelling for a year. However, his family wasn’t very pleased and his father told him to focus on his studies. Sachin then did his MBA from NIS (National Institute of Sales) followed by a 6-month Internship at Coke in Kanpur.

He went on to join Henko in Lucknow where he worked for 3 years. Meanwhile when his Father was transferred to Hyderabad, Sachin moved there joining ICICI Prudential as Unit Manager. It was here, that he met and married his Fiancee, Pooja 😍.

Career jumps had them moving to different cities. In 2011 whilst based in Bangalore, the busy young couple started Gymning though irregularly thanks to their constant business travel. In fact when they finally shifted to Mumbai when Sachin joined Royal Sundaram, he was a whopping 118 Kg 😰.

Probal- his client from Standard Chartered suggested that Sachin do the HM (Half Marathon) at SCMM (Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon). In 2014 Sachin spoke to Praful Uchil of Striders fame and both Sachin and Pooja joined the Powai Striders group for 6 months. Though initially he was in the Yellow Group (those doing 10K); inspired and encouraged by the likes of Sandip Dhuri, Arjun Virdi, Vijay Kamath, Sanjay Mittal etc. Sachin did his first HM at Hyderabad finishing in 2:34 😁.

This was followed by the Bangalore HM in 2:20 and ADHM (Airtel Delhi Half Marathon) in 2:10. Unable to get Registration for the HM, Sachin did his first FM (Full Marathon) at the SCMM in 2015 finishing in 5:10 where his Dad came to encourage him 🤗.

He went on to do 13 HMs in 2015 besides participating in the Mumbai Ultra where he did 74K that year 😎. That’s when he connected with many other Runners from MRR (Mumbai Road Runners) later joining them for monthly MRR Runs.

In 2016 Sachin left Striders preferring to train with friends doing the SCMM FM for 3 consecutive years. Meanwhile despite being injured with Meniscus tear, he did the Satara Hill Run in 2016 and after taking a second opinion of an Army doctor did the FM at AHM (Airtel Hyderabad Marathon) finishing in 4:44 resulting in exacerbation of his injury 😌. In fact when his Dad was discharged after Knee Replacement Surgery, Sachin was admitted in the same bed for his minor surgery 😂.

Advised 3 months break, Sachin started Swimming after 1 month and Walking after 2 months. In February 2017, Sachin registered for the Indore HM to pace his sister Jyotsna in her first HM finishing in 2:29 😃.

Once recovered he did the NMHM (Navi Mumbai Half Marathon) in 2:02. He did his first International FM at Riga in May finishing in 4:18 🤗.

In 2018, Sachin accompanied Sandip Dhuri for the Matheran Endurathon. Unable to register for the HM, he did the super tough 35K and even got his very first Podium 😎.

Wanting to try something challenging; Sachin registered for the Dubai Half Ironman, clubbing Pooja’s Birthday celebration with the IM 70.3 in February 2019. Thanks to his busy work schedule and constant travels, Sachin was able to manage just one open water swim in Thailand besides three 3-5K swim sessions in the pool. He also managed 8 cycle rides of 70-80K besides two Brick Training Sessions. Guess the Athletic Muscle Memory helped big time as he successfully completed the 70.3 Dubai Triathlon in 6:24 😎.

Now Sachin is training for the Full Ironman in New Zealand in March 2020 besides participating in the Kolhapur Half Ironman distance and Oman IM 70.3. He is also doing the FMs at Berlin and Munich along with 5K Oceanman Swim in Italy.

Besides a monthly ride to Pune, Sachin’s current training schedule consists of morning and evening workouts. He does Swimming 3 times a week, Cycling 2-3 times a week, Runs twice a week and goes to the Gym twice a week. Sunday is his only Rest Day. He is also particular about his Nutrition ensuring he follows his Dietician’s advice.

Sachin signs off simply stating, “If you are Passionate, you are never too busy to find time for what you like.” 😊