When I was in college, the prospect of doing a Management degree never fascinated me. I somehow refused to follow the usual norm of engineering, MBBS or MBA and decided to create a path of my own. Probably the fact I was right brained and showed more aptitude towards areas like communication, human behavior and people, had something to do with it.

I would often meet people from B schools who always talked about the enormous network they made from studying there . So this time when I got an opportunity to attend an orientation program at Stanford Business School, I sort of got a glimpse of a B school environment and the nature of the course.

Along with the subjects, lectures, presentations and case studies, it was the wide range of network that apparently benefitted the several aspirants. It was this network that made them meet people from varied backgrounds, opened out new opportunities & friendships, offered different perspectives and several transformational​ lessons for life.

While I was caught in the frenzy of ‘the social network’ ( only this one being in person), I couldn’t help but draw parallels of the entire B school phenomena to running.

Some deep introspection made me realize that Running was an art, science and management in its own way. Art- not in the conventional sense like music or painting but that which enabled one to be in sync with their inner selves- something which many artists proclaimed while indulging in their specific art. Science as it involved the technical aspects like posture, gait, the entire process of training for a race,etc. Management when it eventually came down to organizing an event where the logistics of finance was involved along with aspects like people management, leadership, motivation, decision making and marketing.

Besides this, running also blessed one with that enormous network of similar thinking people from different walks of life. Being on the same platform, it opened up new gateways to friendships and the wonderful family aka ‘network’ of runners with whom new opportunities are discovered. Similar to how every subject in management offered a distinct learning, each race/ run did the same.

This sport was nothing less than a degree. It did not require the rigamarole process of getting those mind numbing scores, writing an entrance exam or paying those exorbitant fees. All it required was- for one to hit the roads after which life was never the same again, considering the people that one meets, the races that they run, the change that one’s body and mind goes through. The learnings only continue as life goes on.

As I look back to the last 5 years of my running, I realise that I may have learnt the art and science of running but most importantly like what a MBA graduate would say, it was the network of a community like MRR ( which is no less than a university) which has elevated my confidence levels and helped me forge new friendships.

Most importantly, I also realized that a sport like running gives a person a new sense of identity. A runner nevertheless elicits a new found respect that makes them bask in the awe and admiration of their fellow humans.

As I pondered more on the similarities, I was even more convinced that running was no less than a management degree- one that does not involve the conventional classroom lectures but that which broadens your horizons as you venture on this ‘road’ less traveled. ( Pun intended)