The nip was still in the air,

But that didn’t make me turn a hair,

Darkness sill made its presence

Before sunlight could feature its essence.


I was all set to conquer the race course,

With my feet on the ground and with great force.

Starting with a warm up round,

I slowly began to canter on the ground.


Initial fatigue had begun to appear,

But that didn’t deter my spirits or my fear,

Round and round I went on the green patch,

As though I were playing a do or die match.


As I began to enjoy my high knee,

I caught sight of those delightful ponies,

Sturdy, strong and lashing their manes,

They were merrily galloping in their lanes.


I gaped in wonder at these magnificent creatures,

Admiring God’s ability to create his miniatures,

A sad thought instantly crossed my mind,

About a certain horse that was recently deprived of its hind.


Could humans be that merciless?

To thrash an animal and be so heartless?

As these thoughts in my mind began to race,

I swung my arms furiously and increased my pace.


Cool breeze and the sun’s rays immediately touched the soil,

As a gesture to calm my mind which was in turmoil,

I slowly looked up at the radiant orange ball,

And the neighbouring buildings that stood so tall.


As I reached a particular bend,

I knew my run had come to an end.

I left the ground with a backward glance,

At these racing horses which left me in a trance,

I muttered a silent apology, watching them prance,

Hoping that they give us humans another chance.