frisbee 090416 12 frisbee 090416 13 frisbee 090416 14 frisbee 090416 15 frisbee 090416 16 frisbee 090416 17 frisbee 090416 18 frisbee 090416 19 frisbee 090416 20It was a random November morning in 2014 when my partner Amit Sridharan and I decided to try out the sport called Ultimate Frisbee. We instantly took to it like fish takes to water. Primarily being runners, we loved the fact that this sport involved a lot of running and sprinting. It was also instrumental in spiking my stamina levels especially since I was coming back from pregnancy that year and had a mammoth task of completing 3 half marathons that I had signed up for. Randomness took another curve as a session of ultimate Frisbee landed us with a beautiful community of runners called the Mumbai road runners (MRR) last year who we proudly call as our new found family today.

So when the MRR admin-Ram Venkatraman and Rupal Shah asked if Amit and I would be interested in conducting a session of Ultimate Frisbee for the runners as a fun activity during the off season, we were only too glad to do so. The group’s response towards this session equaled nothing less than enthusiastic children who were being offered with the prospect of going on a holiday by the seaside. Incidentally the Frisbee session was also to be held by the sea with the day and place scheduled for April 9th at Juhu beach.

We landed at the beach with Frisbees, cones and our 2 year old daughter- Samara in tow. The runners were already gathered, awaiting our arrival. After the customary exchanges of greetings, we got down to business explaining the rules of the game, throwing techniques and the initial five minutes were spent in practicing throws.

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Juhu beach instantly turned into a playground with squeals of laughter and frisbees floating in the air. Did we just turn back our time to childhood where we laughed and played without a care in the world? It apparently appeared so. Throwing and catching frisbees formed an integral part of our childhood days during picnics and this day was nothing less than a picnic.
We soon got down to playing the game, dividing ourselves into teams. Considering the hefty number gathered, we all formed a large circle counting ones and twos, parting as 2 separate teams accordingly. Nostalgia took us back to our PT classes in school when we exactly did the same thing before playing a game of Kho-Kho.

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The game of Ultimate Frisbee involved 2 teams comprising of 7 members, where one team had to score by passing the disc amongst its members and reach the end zone to score a point, while the other team defended. In case the disc fell down, it was termed as a turnover where the defending team got to score a point.

Once our runner friends got the essence of the game, it turned out to be a complete adrenalin rush accompanied with friendly banter, a mock play of pretending that the opposite team was Pakistan and cheers when points were scored. Addiction had set in and it was indeed amusing to see 175 grams of plastic (Frisbee) being in high demand with everyone trying to get their hands on it. Instead of the mandatory finish line that we would normally expend our energies on, it was a refreshing to run after a Frisbee instead.

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The weather Gods were unexpectedly kind and the session ended in high spirits followed by the whacky poses with Frisbee being the prop. It was certainly a day which many wanted relive over and over again as it was a pleasant shift from doing a solitary sport to playing a team sport which improved the camaraderie and strengthened our runners bond to even a stronger one. We all recall playing frisbee back in our childhood and it was delightful to meet our long lost friend in a new avatar as adults.

Considering the high endurance levels needed, Ultimate Frisbee was certainly no child’s play, yet as we headed home, our smiles and laughter were nothing less than that of children who had been offered a bar of chocolate, in this case a Frisbee!

Thank you so much MRR admin for this event, especially Ram, Rupal, Austin and Shasin for giving us this opportunity, photographers Ashok, Aditya and Tashi for clicking some wonderful pics, Poonam for the water, all you lovely people for showing up and having a good time. Ram Venkatraman Rupal Shah Austin D’souza Shashin Rao Rajendra Tembe Mihir Kambli Manasi Samudra Mufaddal Hararwala Yvette Saldanha Anupma Diddi Jenifer Dwivedi Rodman D’souza Anwar Syed Nikunj Rathod Deepak Soni Ajit Singh Archana Jaisingh Hiral Thanawala Neha Lodha. I think I may have missed tagging some of you. But please tag yourselves in case I have missed out. Those who you who couldn’t make it, we really missed you and hope to see you whenever we have this session next.

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