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  1. MRR aarey Marathon, its a perfect lesson to learn by other organizers. How marathons to be managed !!! Perefctly organised by MRR.

  2. Barring the bib collection process (we were told that the bibs will be couriered to us, but had to get them collected last minute), I give the AFMC marathon a scintillating 5 stars! The Indian Army rocks!

    1. MIT Aurangabad Heritage Marathon.
      Its very supported marathon . They have 25km as well as many other categories. This place is got Very rich heritage history . Must visit with your family and run the race .

  3. Ladakh marathon is a dream run so loved it but very poor support and water was not available up to first 7 kms which was very frustrating and toilet facilities were very poor for women. All in all the place is very beautiful but the arrangements were very poor.

  4. Vasai Heritage Run was very well organised and time bound on podium finish also. There was prize distribution also very well organised where there was no confusion nothing else . I strongly recommend for this route also overall management.

  5. BSF Half Marathon, Delhi was a beautifully organised event. Weather was too good n crowd was supportive. BSF personnel on route were very encouraging. Full environment was patriotic with chants of Vande Mataram n Bharat Mata ki jai throughout the run… what an experience 😊👌👍

  6. Overall a good race, nice weather by mumbai standard, easy route, adequate hydration..missing crowds but then BKC is not expected to have crowds

  7. Best run I have ever ran. Salute to you Sunil Handa sir and all others who gave in their Sweat and Blood for the event Western Naval Command Half Marathon.

    Starting this year I will make a point to participate in this event.

  8. Amazing event. Attended last year’s event also.. If last year was best then this year was the bestest.. Everything was up to mark…

  9. MIT Aurangabad Heritage Half Marathon was beautifully organised, wether was very good, water , arrangements were excellent thanks to organizers.

  10. Regarding Traffic arrangements, let the public also know beforehand about the diversions well beforehand. Similar to the route posted for runners, there should also be alternative routes mentioned for vehicle users to ensure it doesn’t cause panic/anxiety among public.

  11. After running TPHC2.0, I felt even more bad about missing the first edition. RunBurn should be extremely proud of their team for putting together such an event & it will only get better. They have set the bar very high! Thank you RunBurn team for TPHC2.0 & looking forward to TPHC3.0

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