As the Everest climbing season begins, I am posting here a review of a book which i had read a couple of years ago. Since running is as much an endurance sport as mountaineering which is the ultimate endurance test of all time, especially climbing the Himalayas, i am taking this liberty of posting the book review of “Paths of Glory”. This book is about the story of George Mallory, who is perhaps the first ever person to climb the summit at the Mount Everest way back in 1924 but the tragedy is that he never returned back. His body was later found in 1999. The summit is supposed to be considered as successful only if the climber returns back to the base camp after going to the summit. That was probably the tragedy of George Mallory, brilliant climber brilliantly bought to life by the exhilarating narrative of Jeffrey Archer. A must read for all adventure aficionados.