MRR Aarey 10K Run

The Aarey Training run took place on Sunday 18th of March 2018 and was an awesome training run.

The neither the humid weather nor sweat could dampen the enthusiasm of 100 plus odd runners who joined for the training run.

Runners began to assemble at the designated start point by 6 am but the event started around 6:15 am as it was dark and the roads are not in good condition. The training started with warm ups by Muffadal followed by the explanation of the route to the runners present who had to do two loops of New Zealand hostel route by going a little ahead till the junction. The route would be helpful for runners who wanted to do training. The weather was humid outside but it was cooler inside the forest which made it easier for runners.

The runners covered distances from 5-10 kms, some even covering 16 kms too.

Pictures of today’s run have been uploaded. Thanks to Rodman and Kartik Iyer for being the photographers for the day .

Ms. Seema Bhavani from the #SaveAarey Group joined us for the run and was a pleasure to have her with us on the training run. She distributed the green ribbons to runners for wearing it and running to support Aarey forest. Also a pledge was taken in the end to save Aarey Forest.

Last but not the least, thank you to all the runners who came for the training run. Hope you guys enjoyed running the in the green lunges of the city, Aarey forest.

See you in the next month 5-10 k training run.

Here are a few comments by runners on running inside Aarey and what it meant to them and why the forest should be preserved for posterity.

Shilpa Shyamsunder Bharadwaj

Our first time in Aarey today Amar & I.
This place was absolutely surreal with cattle huts, pond with birds, green fields on either side where the sun was slowly peeping out which have been common to us as kids maybe.
We loved the experience & want it to stay that way. We also felt horrible when we saw on one side far away full of concrete buildings and realized how Stark!!! 😔
So, we breathed good, quality air and thank you MRR for this lovely opportunity.
#SaveAarey #LoveAarey #SupportAarey

Rajeev Bharadwaj

Fresh air.. dense forest.. diverse variety of trees n plants.. amazing chirping birds..oxygen levels highest in the city.. picturesque meandering roads.. peaceful surroundings..!!
Infrastructure is needed fr d city.. so is THIS FOREST COVER. Shud b preserved..!!🌲🌱🌴🌳
Lets raise our voice..! Every voice counts
#SaveAarey #savetreessavelife

Pulkit Singh

It was a real good experience, running in the lungs of Mumbai and the site where I saw construction activities made me feel bad.

Arshad Patel

I explored many routes in Aarey today. Such a calm and quite place with fresh air, mesmerising sounds of birds, abundance of oxygen, variety of trees. No doubt development is required but not at the cost of this beautiful aarey.

Harshad Nerurkar

Thank you for arranging today’s training run. I run in Aarey few times because it gives runner all kinds of running exposure; trail run, hill run, roller coaster roads, bad roads etc etc and yet you are still in Mumbai. You dont need to go out. Though today humidity was high with experiencing profuse sweating, still you dont feel tired as you run through lush green nature. Its little more safer to run here rather than roads in Mumbai.
And you are not running alone.
I guess it is ideal location for Yoga and training runs.

Mufaddal Hararwala

Running in Aarey firest is heavenly bliss, it puts you in a trance and you feel like gliding on and on. The mesmerizing dense jungle on either side and the cool brezze and birds flying in distance as the sun breaks out slowly and early morning mist with the rays of sun filtering through the canopy of trees fills heart with deep pleasure.

Deepak Soni

Always such a bliss running in Aarey… Addicted to Aarey…

Sujeet Sanzgiri
I usually run in Aarey & have taken part in the couple of runs organised by Aarey tigers…This was my first run with MRR and first time that I tried the NZ hostel incline and did it twice…Thank you so much to MRR & Aarey tigers to organise such runs…Aarey is the best place to run in Mumbai…the forest…the trees… they help you so much…thanks to them it’s so pleasant there…that you don’t even feel like you are in midst of the Mumbai city…We are just lucky to have Aarey here…hope this luck never runs out…#Save Aarey

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