Penned down something on the occasion of global running day.

When you run
You feel alive
Every breath of air
Makes you want to jive.

When you run
You battle the blues
Demons and inner voices
Soaking in joy and the morning dew.

When you run
You have a different view
The lens has changed
Of the world around you.

Trees seem to cheer
Birds chirp and sing
Flowers bloom in their glory
Nature treats you like a king.

When you run
You face the rain, wind and sun
Difficult as it may be be
It sure is a lot of fun.

When you run
you listen to your heart beat
On the hills and road you wander
The rhythm embedded in your feet.

When you run
You sometimes wonder why
Yet when you cross the finish line
You face the unmistakable feeling
Of the runners high!

When you run
You realize the journey is worthwhile
After all what is life
Without a few huffs and puffs
Without which you may end up being senile.

Happy global running day everyone! Keep those miles and smiles going.