So the D day finally arrived and no we aren’t talking about SCMM here. It was the much hyped Valentine’s Day. Now over time, I had evolved from the conventional celebration mode of flowers and candle light dinners to someone whose idea of a date was to indulge in an outdoor activity. The Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon couldn’t have been scheduled at a better day-February 14th and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day other than striding across the roads of Mumbai at the break of dawn. The fact that some of our MRR pals were also running, soared our spirits at the prospective of meeting some of them.

After the arduous back to back half marathon events at Mumbai and Chennai and the 10 k at footsteps4good last week, we decided to go easy on this one, opting to do a 10 k green run instead. Wiping out the pressure and pace from our minds, we decided to just enjoy this run for a change and bask in the glory of the brilliant weather we were blessed with today. It was a ball from the word go, despite being an incline terrain. The place being beautifully lit up and decorated with balloons were a treat to our eyes. We caught sight of our few friends during the course of the run and managed to wave and pose for one of our dear friends cum photographer –Chetan at the 9th km mark.

We crossed the finish line in 58 minutes and it was party from there on as we stopped to chat with our MRR friends. From the mandatory clicks, lively chatter, laughs and jokes floating around, we were literally transported back to our carefree college days. We realized that when we decide to just enjoy a race, not only do we achieve a decent timing but most importantly we take back a beautiful experience and the ecstatic moments which cannot beat the euphoria even when we achieve our PBs.

Someone once told us the importance of stopping to smell the roses once in a while. We sure did that today. After all, what’s a Valentine’s Day without smelling the roses albeit they were imaginary ones? J

Happy Valentine’s Day dear fellow runners! May our love for running never die! Cheers!