anandJust finished reading “Reborn to Run” by Anand Anantharaman, it narrates his marathon running experience in all the seven continents and also the North Pole all that after suffering a coronary heart disease. Anand has beautifully juxtaposed legends about the places that he has run with his running exploits and he has run on some exotic locales around the world such as Siberia, Great Australian Outback, Galapagos, Athens, Borneo, Great Wall and of course the North Pole and Antartica. The book tells us that the mother earth is such a beautiful place and running of course is one of the most beautiful sports where for one chunk of five to six hours, people from all walks of life, caste and creed come together in a common exploit and help each other along the way forgetting their differences. Running in all these places all alone and most certainly the lone Indian requires some courage which was especially useful during his sojourn in Siberian wildness. The narrative is good and easy, would recommend to anybody who is an endurance sportsperson, a runner, ultra runner or wannabe runner.