1. How did your initiation into running happen? And when?                                                

When I was 47 years old a friend’s son brought me a form for a race which was to happen within 10 days.  The distance was 10 Kmts.   He made me sign the form and he got me my race bib etc.  I came 10th in that veteran race and the prize money I got was Rs.100/-.  This is what gave me the incentive to get into serious running.  All this was sometime way back in 1986.

  1. What was the reason you got into running?

As I came 10th in my first race with only 4 outings before the race as the 5th outing was the race itself – gave me the confidence to take up the sport as I felt that with constant practice I could be a winner.

  1. What was your initial experience when you started running in Mumbai in terms of weather, people’s response the roads, traffic and crowds?
  • As far as the weather is concerned, I am from Mumbai and did the weather did not have much impact on me as I was used to the climatic condition.
  • People’s response was varied.  When on practice some cheered and some jeered – matara matara.  Some youngsters would stop the car next to me and asked me “Uncle you want to race” laugh and zoom off.
  • The roads are pathetic.  Pot holes can damage an athlete’s foot and slows you down as you are constantly looking down to evade these.
  • As far as the crowds are concerned in race conditions, they always cheer which give you a high to push yourself.
  • One has to be cautious of the traffic on normal practice runs.   However, on race runs it depends how well the organizers have made traffic arrangements.


  1.  How did you hear about Bandra NCPA monthly run? Any memorable or funny moments?

Through running buddies, I think Milton Frank who put me on to it.   There are quite a few moments that I will cherish.  There is Bhaskar Desai who always makes people laugh with his antics.  So does Cowboy Kavin.   The camaradie between runners is fantastic.

  1.  A word on your association with Mumbai Road Runners and Bandra-NCPA run.

I try to join them whenever I can if in town.  I look forward to these runs every month.  What is more you can meet the new runners most young and some not so young.