“Despite what seems like the extraordinary nature of these events, in the end, they make you even more human.”

My interview with Yadav Nilesh who won the 1st runners up MRR award for Best Ultramarathoner.

1. How does it feel to win the MRR award?

Till now I have never run an ultra race for any award or winning position. I purely ran for the experience. All I wanted was to see what it felt like to run 100 km. What does it take to survive and motivate others during the run. How does it feel to endure the pain, hunger and thirst till the finish line. The experience was unbelievable.

2. Tell us about your association with MRR.

Honestly speaking, I am not very active on MRR. However I found that there are many people who support other runners, motivate them ,cheer for them. I find this spirit really great. In the future I will try and join in for the MRR monthly long runs.

3. What are your goals for 2019?

In 2019, my goal is just to become a better version of myself. I will try and improve my pace. Most importantly I will try to run injury free and hopefully also find a running partner.

4. How do you suggest on improving the running scenario in India?

My suggestion to people is that whether it’s for 5 minutes or one hour, just try and run. Keep yourself active by living a healthy life style. Running is the most affordable sport unless of course you are signing up for multiple events. Otherwise just 15-30 minutes of running is enough to keep you going.