There is a certain thrill that one feels on seeing their photo on social media. The numerous likes and cheeky comments tend to bring out a child like glee irrespective of the age factor-something that entices them away from the rigamarole of daily routine and chores.
That instant ‘ping’ of a like or a comment on the smartphones manages to elicit a smile which probably only a bar of chocolate  could do during our childhood days.
After Facebook,  instagram seems to have become the new rage. One is able to post several pictures right from their travel escapades to random clicks with friends or celebrities. With the fitness bug having caught on, one sees yoga poses, hiking trails, bicycling trips and running shots doing the rounds.
MRR ( Mumbai road runners)-a vibrant community of 9000 odd members, believes that every runner on the road is a celebrity and has devised a novel way to ensure that their runner gets the status of one by flaunting their images on social media.
They introduced a concept of insta girl and insta boy of the day where clues would be posted on a daily basis about their runners. This ‘taaza khabar’ would leave others in the community brimming with curiosity on who these celebs  of the day were. The ‘guess who?‘ phenomenon would begin with their morning cup of cutting chai as a flurry of names would leave a trail of comments on this post.
By tea time, the stars would be revealed and this was something everyone looked forward to. It sort of broke the lull from their monotonous affairs of the cubicle life or corporate boardroom.  Each day was awaited with great fervour as the “who is it going to be today” frenzy gradually caught on.
The star couple of the day would be elated on seeing their images being posted on a page of a 9000 odd member community which boasts of runners from not only India but all over the world.
Other runners got to know their counterparts much better with the creative clues that were posted by the enthusiastic admin team.  Irrespective of being caught in traffic snarls or long haul meetings ,the ‘insta’ fever perked the excitement levels by keeping everyone on their toes.
This was probably  good enough to give stiff competition to ‘Bombay times’ which would usually only  report on celebs getting a nose/ lip job done or an attire they wore to a certain superstar’s party.
The MRR insta fun certainly made waves with its tongue in cheek humor clues as an introduction to their runners in their previous season.
Going by the popularity of their previous insta edition ,MRR is all set to bring on their season 2 of the insta girl -insta boy series. More clues, more humor and more celebs -the time has come to get to know your runner pals a lot better.
Quirky and effervescent, season 2 promises be a cup of hot piping coffee with an extra aroma and a dash of some special flavor!