As 2019 dawned nice and bright, someone asked me what my running goals were for this year.

“To achieve my PH”, I replied promptly.

“PH?” asked that person with a quizzical expression. “What’s that?”

“Personal happiness”. I grinned and went on to explain.

The sheer happiness and enjoyment that I derive by completing an event irrespective of the distance is what I term as PH.

At one point I was chasing PBs be it in my running or triathlons. I kept glancing at my garmin feverishly whenever it buzzed at every km. There were times when I would come back from an event with a scowl on my face failing to cherish the scenic routes or the spirited atmosphere.

“How was your run?”would be met with a grumpy “I have done better” answer much to the chagrin of my partner. It got me reflecting back to the main reason why I took up running.

The runners high and the sheer kick of the endorphins is what got me hooked to the sport initially. Nothing can beat the adrenalin rush pulsating through your veins when you cross the finish line with million strangers cheering for you. No point running if I cannot derive joy from it, I decided.

Does that mean I criticize/ ridicule people who chase PBS or podiums? NO. Not at all.

As I firmly believe in the phrase “Different strokes for different folks”, I choose to respect people  for their goals and congratulate them for their achievements irrespective of the fact it may differ from mine and vice versa.

‘Live and let live’ is my motto.

Meanwhile I am just reveling in my newfound mantra as I look forward to some interesting events this year and as long as I live.

If I can feel the magic in every stride and in every mile without those tiresome niggles or injuries, I consider that my PB oops PH.

Next time someone asks me what my target is and how my run was, I hope to answer with this line “I got my PH”! #IamMRR