Happy f’RUN’dship day!

Being strangers at the start
Distance initially draws us apart
As the run commences with a bang
The camaraderie begins to grows its fangs!
Mile after mile it develops slowly
With  small talk or a word so lovely
So lonely long distance running can be
Exchanging a smile, gives that glee.
What a wonderful way to break the ice
To make a fellow runner feel so nice
With the distance so daunting in the sun
The chatter chatter makes the run easy and fun!

When the finish line is not so far

Plans are made for breakfast and bar
More room for talks and laughter
To improve the rapport even further.
Running being a common interest
A bond is naturally formed at its best
Strengthening further as the days go by
It’s not a rapport that will easily die!
Be it in India or around the world
Runners tend to give their word
A promise that one is not forgotten
Even if they hit rock bottom!
Friends should be made for a reason
Not for treason or a season
A pal who stands by you so tall
Unlike the withering leaves in the fall!
There is no community such as the runners group
That’s gives you relationships and a troupe
Making you rejoice and celebrate
Discovering the joy that running can create!
A special event today
Makes it easier to say
Happy f’RUN’dship day
To all of you as hey!
You definitely keep the blues at bay!

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