9 days, 9 km , 9 colours,
What’s life without a bit of fervour?
It was runners way of celebrating Navaratri,
While the others fast, dance , dine or sway in awry.

First day portrayed shades of grey,
Dull and gloomy unlikely the Suns ray.
However adorning orange the next day,
Made us feel happy and gay.

Day 3 saw us all in white,
A peaceful shade warding  off any demons or a fight.
Red followed suit in confidence and grandeur,
Increasing the energy levels to a notch higher.

Navy blue embarked day five,
Exuding a sense of glory with its deep dye.
Contrast to this shade so deep,
Came the colour yellow with a loud beep,
Enough to send us into a joyful cheer,
Demolishing our inner doubts and the slightest fear.

As Day 7 saw us adorn a bright green,
Nature’s colour made our faces beam.
Strutting about  with confidence and pride,
The peacock green shade on day 8 enhanced our stylish stride.

Day 9 in purple made us feel like royalty,
Our commitment towards navrun quite evident with our loyalty.
Those Non stop workouts for 9 days,
Made us feel quite in a daze.

Just as we were wanting more,
The extra 2 days this year made our spirits soar.
The Sky blue Colour on day ten,
Made us feel calmer as though we were in heaven.

The last day arrived in a blink,
While we beautified ourselves in pink.
These 11 days of the festive mode,
Took us through the good health road.

We were all on cloud nine,
As we geared up to dance and dine.
Whether it was a garba or dandiya,
We were all by now gripped by the fitness mania.