A poem I thought of today while working out in the gym. A conversation with my inner voice about the upcoming Mumbai marathon which I have drafted into a poem..

With the Mumbai marathon buzz in the air,
I don’t seem to exhibit undue care,
About the slopes, weather or time,
As the inner voice in me chimes-

“This isn’t a do or die situation,
Or a prelim that will determine your education.
It’s just one of the older races,
That gave birth to running in its earlier phases.

So run like no one is watching you,
Drive away those race blues.
With your training so sincere,
None can mock you or sneer.

Worry less about the clock,
Make your strides go tick tock.
Like horses galloping in the wild,
With a smile that depicts a playful child.

Enjoy the spirit in the air,
Mumbai city embraces you with care.
With volunteers from the young to the old,
To cheer you from their hearts of gold.

With water, fruits and sweets,
They stand tall on the winding streets.
There might be a moment when you hit a wall,
Only to tell yourself- this run is nothing less than a carnival ball.

The finish line seems near yet so far,
Yet the image of celebrating later at the bar,
Will boost your spirits as you think of the beer,
Followed by the smiles, laughter and cheer.

It will be time to put on your dancing shoes,
To dance off those race stress hues and woes.
What time you ultimately clocked won’t matter,
Once you indulge in the crazy banter and chatter.

The next day will dawn nice and bright,
As you set your future goals to a greater height.
Life will go on as usual in its charming way,
As long as you keep your inner turmoil at bay!”