Runners gathered on a Saturday morning as a norm,
To take up the beach sands by a storm,
Being always in a quest to achieve our PB,
It was a pleasant change to run after a frisbee.

We assembled in colours of white and green,
Our true test of athleticism remaining to be seen.
Starting out as teams with members of seven,
The excitement levels soared as though we were in heaven.

Along with the sprints, jumps, throws and laughter,
The adrenalin rush of the game resulted in a friendly banter,
Be it the countdown of ten or a turnover,
The newbies, young and old were nevertheless bowled over.

Being transported back to our childhood days,
Our squeals enhanced we hadn’t changed in our ways.
Eager to catch the disc at the end zones,
We ran helter skelter with little regard to our bones.

Which team won certainly didn’t matter,
All we wanted was just some mindless chatter,
Gearing up for those mandatory poses as a team,
Our faces certainly portrayed a beam.

While the heat was certainly in the air,
None of us actually turned a hair,
Indulging in a child’s play with effervescent cheers,
Our spirits were high up as we opened a can of beer!