On World Diabetes Day on 14th November, 2017 we had asked our runners who were diabetes, to share their experience of how running has helped them in their fight against diabetes and what tips they would like to give to others. Here are a few runners who have shared their experiences and given their inputs.

Krish Captain I am a diabetic and also have BP. Have gone thru angioplasty also in my left leg. My diabetes was detected in 1998 when i was suffering from asthio arthrites. It was detected when i did not respond to medicines. Since then i have taken up running and cycling. I have run more than 35 marathons and i am still running. RUNNING has not only helped me control my sugar and salt levels in my body, but also helped me reduce my medicine quantum. Apart from this, having control on my sugar has also brought down my weight by 10-12 kgs. Now the whole process has become a routine and lifestyle. So giving up my running is totally ruled out.

Nikunj P Desai When detected, I lived with insulin to control my sugars and switched to pills later. I have a passion for sports and I initially started playing football and added cycling followed by running. With zero activities earlier, I was unable to run and found myself in the goal post.I decided to pick up running and would run 10 mins every day. I would run into my parking space to avoid the vehicles/rains/crowd. Which helped me get better and go the distance.

I am determined & focused to achieve my goal.If I started my day at 5 a.m. for work & returned back at 11:30 p.m., I would still make my 10 mins/ 2K run
Since then I have been running regularly, even on my work trips. This helped me finish some popular events – MumbaiUltra, JnMThane Marathon, NavRun, CustomsRun and much more.

When I met my Doc after all this, my weight had dropped 4+ Kgs, sugars & cholesterol much in control, HbA1c showed a great score. Running not only helped me achieve better sugar, cholesterol count but helped me get more fit, stronger and healthy.

Now running is part of my life & I am one of those maniacs who wakes up early for this madness call running & motivating young runners 🙂

Tips for Runners:
Pay attention to body signals;
Do not get too competitive or stretch beyond your limits;
Keep a sugar substance that is quickly absorbed;
A card with your name, contact details, phone number of family or friend.

Kavita Jhingan My dad Dr Ashok Jhingan is a Diabetologist in Delhi and he has a group of 50 plus cyclists and runners who have been juvenile diabetics taking insulin and run and cycle together and they have over years have reduced their HbAIc levels to 6 and leading happy healthy complication free lives !! 

They carry a identity tag with the emergency numbers and name and phone of their doctor and the fact they are diabetics and if found unconscious to give them sweets !!

Harish Pandit Just saying that, before started running, my blood sugar level was 350 (daily 12 tablets + 30ml bitter guard juice). After 1 year of running, it is fasting 90 and pp 105 (daily 2.5 tablets only). Till date I finished 10 events of 10kms and 4 events of half marathon including Satara hill half marathon. Till Feb 18, i am planning to do Navy, Vasai-Virar, TMM, Mahamarathon-Nashik, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Nagpur,  all half marathons. Running gives me confidence, stamina, discipline, dedication, determination. Running made my focus towards life positive. Keep watch on your health, do regular checkups, eat healthy, green. Avoid junk food. Do exercise regularly, These instructions applicable for runner as well as diabetes.
My doctor awarded me a certificate with a gift. After watching my running and trekking activities my friends & colleagues offer me fruits & juices instead of some vadapav or biryani.

Parvesh Verma My diabetes medicine power of 4 has come down to 0.5. Running surely is one of the lifestyle change one can undertake to control diabetes. Along with running comes discipline of food habits automatically, which further help cause. At start level of running, one must go to coach/ senior runner to understand do and don’ts for running. It is a serious cardio exercise and need respect.