The middle child born to working Professionals in Mangalore, Cheryl was a happy heavy kid who loved her food in school. However when Puberty hit, the teenager resorted to avoiding food and starving in a bid to lose weight. She also took skipping in a big way on a Concrete surface which lead to an L4-L5 injury causing bent spine, muscle spasm etc 😢.

Living along with her cousins and extended family in Twin Houses resulted in plenty of support and activity including sports, dance etc. One of the cousin’s got into Physical Education and took up Zumba training his students. Cheryl promptly joined them and soon lost weight doing family workouts by her 10th Standard 😃. She went on to pursue her Masters in Embryology at Manipal University following by Clinical Embryology in Cleveland, USA.

In 2010 Cheryl moved to Mumbai when she took up a job at Trivector in Mulund. The busy lifestyle with erratic eating soon had her piling on the pounds soon hitting 70 Kg. In 2015 when the family visited for her Housewarming, everyone invariably commented about her weight gain 😞. This served as the much needed incentive for Cheryl to focus on her health.

Having noticed several heavier people running and seeing their Marathon posts on Facebook inspired Cheryl to take up Running. She started off with running in her compound. A big fan of Jillian Michaels; she joined the Shred Program for 30 days- a high intensity 25 minutes fitness regime. With focused diet and regular exercise, Cheryl ended up losing 10 Kg over the next 3-4 months 😊.

In 2016, Cheryl joined the nearby Jnm (JointsnMotions) Studio for functional training and running. She did her first 10K at Bandra in the Pinkathon and followed it up with her first HM (Half Marathon) at the Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon soon after running with friends finishing strong in 2:20 🤗. Cheryl went on to participate in many more 10K events that year. She improved her 10K timing from 70 minutes to 56 minutes thanks to Buddies Rizwan and Mukesh pacing her that year. Ever since, Cheryl has been Race Ambassador and Pacer at several events; getting an opportunity to even pace at her Alma Mater Manipal University 😎.

Encouraged by Vivek Soni, Cheryl registered for the Mumbai Ultra in August 2016. She ended up doing about 65K there without any real training. Needless to say it took a toll on her resulting in an injury 😕.

During this Break, Cheryl traveled to Norway. That’s when while reading about Healing through Yoga, she took up Meditation. Once back home in 2016-17 she restarted Running and Functional training besides starting Yoga. In 6 months Cheryl realized that it was all a bit too much and something had to give 😓.

Having just started with Back Bends in Yoga, Cheryl knew that both Running and Lifting were affecting her Flexibility. Call it Serendipity, but Jnm too shifted their studio to a new location making her decision easier 😁.

Now Cheryl is into running 5-10K twice a week usually on Thursdays and Sundays. She conducts her Yoga classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Mulund when she manages to incorporate about 30-40 minutes for herself. She also continues to attend her usual 2-hourly Yoga sessions at Andheri on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Despite following MRR (Mumbai Road Runners) on FB for a long time, Cheryl didn’t really commit as she was not really much into running. However when Bijay Nair approached her to take up some Yoga sessions for MRR in 2018, she happily obliged 😊.  She also volunteered for the monthly MRR Run and was felicitated for her efforts along with the other Yogis at the recent MRR Awards 🤗.

Based on experience Cheryl says, “One should take it slow and listen to your body. Don’t push too much. Honor and Respect your body. Remember, you want do this activity life-long. Don’t increase mileage unnecessarily before you are ready. Do set Goals and give yourself a proper time-line. Take guidance from experienced runners. Listen, Value and Gain Knowledge from them. Always Cross train. Last but definitely not the least- Do what makes you Happy.”