Route Reviews

A lesson from the hills

We were at sequoia national park on Sunday (September 3rd) which was famous for its giant sequoia trees. It was a long hike downhill to see the gigantic trees and we were told it would take twice the amount of time to come back to our original spot which was an uphill route. Towing along with our 3 year old daughter in a pram, it seemed like an arduous task considering it was a trail and the weather didn’t exactly…

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Exploring the Stanford trail

The best part about running inside Stanford campus was the aspect of stumbling across unexpected trails and beautiful routes. I landed here couple of weeks ago and was told  that this city was a haven for outdoor activities. Being a runner, the first thing I noticed about the place was the number of runners  of varied age groups, who would be running throughout the day,  even at 2 pm in the afternoon when the sun would be blazing – something…

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