After finishing 10 km on Worli sea face, I kept going strong and soon found myself near Haji Ali, just before the ascent at Peddar road. I almost tripped over something only to find that my shoe laces were out of place again. I sighed as I bent down to tie them. As I geared up to run on those slopes, I found my feet frozen to the ground refusing to move an inch further. It felt like some unseen godforsaken force had chained me to its grip refusing to let me progress ahead in the race. Hoping that a prayer to the almighty would help, I glanced towards Haji Ali only to find a shapeless looming black shadow in its place. I gasped in fright as I looked around. Everyone seemed to be running at their own pace oblivious to what was happening to me. ApparentIy none noticed anything absurd. I looked at the dark shadow which was edging closer. All on a sudden my throat was clasped by an invisible hand. I let out a blood curdling scream as I felt a hand patting me hard.

Mamma get up’ said a voice. I woke up in a fright. It was my daughter Samara nudging me with great fervour.

It was morning already. Sweating profusely, I went to splash my face with cold water. As I glanced into the mirror, a dishevelled face with dark circles under the eyes looked back at me. It was the perfect look if someone had to cast me as an evil spirit in a horror flick. Probably conjuring part 3 ..

As I walked into the hall, my hubby glanced at me in a sympathetic manner. “You look tired”, he exclaimed. I sighed and grabbed the newspaper, hoping to calm my jittery nerves.

As I glanced at the front page, it said January 13th, Friday.

It was Friday the thirteenth. I gave a faint smile and shook my head.

That explained the weird nightmare!