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Half Marathon Pacers – 2015

Jack Cowson

Jack Cowson – 01:45

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar – 01:45

Sukhjeevan Singh

Sukhjeevan Singh – 02:00

Abhijeet Sethi – 02:00

Shyam Lata

Shyam Lata – 02:15

Vikas Kandoi

Vikas Kandoi – 02:15

Dinesh Laundani

Dinesh Laungani – 02:30

Aarti Bhimber

Aarti Bhimber – 02:30

Bijay Nair

Bijay Nair – 02:45

Sunil Gwalani

     Sunil Gwalani – 02:45


Full Marathon Pacers – 2015

Sunil Shetty

Sunil Shetty – 04:30


Girish Bindra

Girish Bindra – 04:30

Sanjay Bhingarde

Sanjay Bhingarde – 05:00

Himanshu Vinchhi

Himanshu Vinchhi – 05:00

Punit Chandiwala

Punit Chandiwala – 05:30

Chitu Shetty

Chitu Shetty – 05:30


Pacers Speak their experience:-


04:30 bus at VVMM 2015 – Sunil Shetty with Girish Bindra

My first role as a pacer at the VVMM for 4.30 bus. Happy to have brought it bang on time but sad was all alone at the finish.

My first VVMM and here’s my take :

Good Things:
– started dot on time (FM)
– excellent crowd support
– nice spaced out aid stations
– water/Enerzal available till the end at aid stations
– though the route was changed at the last minute, I would say it was done with runners security in mind
– woman friendly race

Now for some improvement areas for the organisers:

– no bananas at aid stations which is essential for FM
– people were cramping after 30k and no sprays at aid stations. They had to borrow from the Ambulances
– even with my decent finish time, breakfast and tea was over and worst was no volunteers to guide
– when finally some breakfast came there were no paper plates and spoons. I offered my used spoon to Yvette Saldanha and used plate to a stranger and both were more than happy to take it
– timing mat was removed at 5.55 hrs as told to me by one of the finishers
– many who finished after 5.45 did not get the finishers medals. One runner told me this was his second consecutive year he did not get the medal
– HM was short by app 300 mts and FM by 400 mts

Many did complain about the horrible weather but how are the organisers to be blamed for that? Full marathoners have to be prepared for the worst.

The organisers have to improve if they want more participation in FM, otherwise stick to only half.

05:30 bus at VVMM 2015 – Chitu Shetty with Punit Chandiwala

Effortless and Comfortable Full Marathon. Though I was Pacer for 5:30 bus along with Punit Chandiwala. It was like first day in school. I had the privilege of running with Daniel Vaz Sir.The knowledge, the patience and guidance of Daniel Vaz sir made the Run very easy and comfortable.The perfect execution of the Run by Punit Chandiwala by reading the Garmin every KM,the perfect walk breaks made world of difference. Result two strong female runners Falguni Vora and Pawan Agarwal who boarded our bus finished their run well ahead of time i.e 5:20 min…Myself and Punit Chandiwala reached bang on target 5:26 min (Official time awaited).
Thanks to Ram Venkatraman and team MRR for having confidence in me and nominating me as a Pacer.Special thanks to Jack Cowson,MRR Pacer co-ordinator for answering all our woes in time. Thanks to Sunil Shetty Sir and Mahesh Nagwekar Sir for helping me for developing my pacing strategy.Thanks to Girish Bindra for logistic support ,Inderpal Khalsa,Suresh Pillai for company in the morning,lots of lesson and sharing in the morning.Thanks to our photographers Indy Jadhv, Chetan Gusani,Michael Dsouza and others.Thanks to Shailesh Karkera for the post run company and support. And thanks to VVMM 2015 along with Bruno Goveas for excellant arrangements/Volunteers, for the lovely crowd and school childrens who came in large numbers. Thanks to all my running friends FM & HM who cheered me up while crossing each other, you all motivated me a lot.. Overall for me it was a Paisa Vasool ,Zakaas Full Marathon.

05:30 bus

02:30 bus at VVMM 2015 – Dinesh Laungani with Aarti Bhimber

At vasai virar marathon
Paced the 2:30 bus with Aarti Mehra Bhimber
Completed in 2:29 according to Garmin
Fantastic support by locals
Started race on time
On route water stations and energy drinks stations well placed
Lot of music on route to encourage runners
Lot of medical aid stations
Happy to see hot tea along with good breakfast after the race
Very well organised
Who s of who of running from mumbai wwere present . Missed meeting most though
Thanks nilesh pandya , Sudhanshu Doke Vikas Kandoi and Sandeep Bagla for all the fun

2:30 bus

02:45 bus at VVMM 2015 – Bijay Nair with Sunil Gwalani

Thanks to Sunil Gwalani we steered the bus and sweeped a whole bunch of friends known unknown to give a timing 2.44.47 .
To run at a speed slower than your natural pace believe me is tough.
We started with the same plan as planned and were going gud till 14kms and I twisted my ankle .
I was feeling terrible since whole lot of friends were dependent on us for a 2.45 finish. Had to take medical attendance for 7 to 10 mins. Requested sunil to goahead.

Have to change my tshirt since had sweated a lot due to humidity.
Hydrated and started walking realised there was a pain . Took it easy and was sure of offsetting the target by 10 mins.

But the experience and the fauji in me took over . Ran at my race pace for 3kms to catch up with the bus and last 2 kms steered the bus again for a dot time.

Thank u the lovely people of vasai and virar. My respect to all the FMers.

Thank u MRR . We promoted VVM and they got double numbers. The power of MRR.

Thanks to my coach Sanjay Shinde sir and my club clubmarathon mulund.

Thanks to ‪#‎AdidasRunning‬ for supporting me.

Thanks all the photographers . Thanks again to Sunil and Kp Suresh.



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