Back to school with those strides

It’s been more than year since I got acquainted with this family of runners. Nevertheless it feels like returning back to school, considering the amount of learning that has happened in that one year, changing my perspective towards not only running but life as well.

Every runner certainly has a story behind them-be it battling post pregnancy weight issues, recuperating from several illnesses of varying degrees, coping up with a loss of a loved one or just being inspired by other runner friends.

Over time, opportunity presented itself to interact with these inspiring souls. Hearing about their experiences left me intrigued even further. Whether it was reading one of MRR admin and veteran runner-Bijay Nair’s inspire series, first account narratives or several books/blogs such as ‘Dare to Run’, ‘The Running Soul’, ‘Unstoppable’, the learning curve only continued to move upwards.

Despite their struggles, runners would always display a positive demeanour on the race track. Little does one realise that ‘there’s more it than meets the eye’ for these folks. As I reflected and dwelled on these various stories, I learnt the following:

  • – I was probably not the only one fighting my demons and that there were millions who were traversing this journey of overcoming the odds, which I wasn’t aware of.
  • -I learnt that the pain one goes through, eventually makes them stronger than ever.
  • – I learnt never to be bogged down by the age factor which was gnawing my nerves, as the years rolled by.
  • – I learnt that it was never too late to begin a journey considering how several runners began their own during their 40s.
  • -Most importantly, I learnt the art of expressing gratitude towards those unsung souls, whom otherwise I would end up taking for granted, such as the volunteers and photographers.
  • -I learnt the art of appreciating the finer things in life, to empathise and appreciate others while they were progressing towards their goal.
  • -Lastly, I learnt to be humble irrespective of my achievements as I realised that I was just a small drop in the ocean of runners.


The journalist in me often seeks to learn about stories behind the lives of other people which is an enriching and transformational experience. As I reflect back, I realise that the learnings incorporated from every runner in the MRR community left me awe struck, gratified and humbled.

On the occasion of Guru Purnima today, no doubt you thank your teachers who have made a difference to your lives. I would like to take this opportunity and thank each one of you.  All of you are teachers in your own way, from whom I have learnt and imbibed a lot. So thank you guys and Happy Guru Purnima to all of you

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