” My only aim is to run long till the last sunday of my life ” He is one of the most busiest professional, his air travel mileages are more than of our PM Narendra modi but lesser than Prathibha patil the expresident , he travels 4 days a week. He works with CISCO in senior position . Very close friend and weekend long run partner. He is part of the prestigious SHLOKA team . He plays almost all the sports . Babu Ramaswamy with more than 50 timed runs(12hrs, 42kms , 25kms , 21kms ……). His greatest inspiration his wife . He is currently aiming and training for 89kms comrades run in 2016 . Had also run many international marathons . A interview with Babu is under ………….. ‪#‎Theyinspire‬‪#‎A3dayseriesonbusiestprofessionalswithloveforrunning‬

1. Why did I choose running as a sport / My Running HISTORY

I have always been sports lover and a follower right from school days. I still remember my first 200 mtrs win when I was in school.

When I was graduating I was in N.C.C ( Army wing ) and this is where I got exposed to the concept of LONG RUNS. Everyday morning before the drill / parade we used to run 5kms, and I used to manage the distance quite easily { and trust me those days we didn’t have fancy sports shoes like asics, nike etc smile emoticon }. This is where I transitioned from a 5 km to half marathon runner. I was associated with the 11 GORKHA Rifles as part of my ARMY Attachment CAMP in NCC. Our Subedaar Sahab used to train us real hard. We used to have our long runs during sundays from afghan church – sassoon docks – cuffe parade – badhwar park – fountain and back. This is how running started becoming an integral part of my life.

As I entered the corporate world, running or for that matter SPORTS started taking a back seat and there came a phase when there was NO SPORT in my schedule it was only booze and cigarettes and work, work & work. This phase has to be the worst in my life; since I was constantly irritated; needless to say my weight had gone for a toss.

Realisation struck and boy it did strike me hard, I was overweight and it was time for a course correction. With complete support of my girl friend { wife now smile emoticon } and a fellow sports enthusiast ( who knew my background ) it was time to lace up and hit the road. This was the second start and where my love with EEH ( Eastern Express Highway ) started. Used to train on EEH ( from Thane checknaka to kanjurmarg turn and back ) and then my first Mumbai Marathon happened. My Wife encouraged me and supported me throughout and post that, there has not been a look back…and hopefully I shall continue as looooong as possible.

2. How many runs so far ?

I have managed to run close to 50 timed marathons till date. I have ventured outside india too and managed few timed marathons. Few notable runs mentioned under..

1. Mumbai Marathon – HM ( 9 ), FM ( 1 )
2. Delhi HM – 4
3. Hyderabad – HM ( 3 )
4. Thane – HM ( 4 )
5. Pune – HM ( 1 )
6. BNP – HM ( 2 )
7. BLR ( 1 )
8. Goa – HM ( 3 )
9. Kaveri ( 1 )
10. Auroville ( 1 )
11. BNP ULTRA ( 1 )
12. Mumbai 12 hour run ( 1 )
13. Satara HM ( 2 )
14. Singapore – HM ( 3 ), FM ( 1 )
15. San Francisco ( 2 )
16. Kuala Lumpur ( 1 )
17. Bangkok ( 1 )
Running Goal

• I want to have my last long run till the last Sunday of my life. That’s my long term goal.
• To be more materialistic, my short term goal is to attempt for BRONZE MEDAL at Comrades. I am giving COMRADES a shot in 2016.
• My short to long term goal is to run in all the seven continents of the world.

3. Running Preparations ???

While I do have a running schedule which I try to follow BUT given my hectic work schedule ( I travel a LOT ) many a times I am unable to follow the exact regime BUT I definitely run a 5K. My travel bag ALWAYS has my running shoes and my running gear. Over all when a major timed marathon is approaching – I start following my regime seriously. Weekday runs include a 5k flat course run, a hill work out, core strengthening at gym, Climbing stairs. I NEVER take an elevator { unless I have lot of baggage ). My residence is on the 7 th floor and office is on 7th floor – I always take the stairs. That adds to the overall work out. Weekends ( Sat and Sunday ) are long runs – anywhere between 15 to 21 kms depending on the race which is coming up.

As part of the cross training, I play badminton, volleyball and do a bit of cycling too. As mentioned above, my work takes me to places and has heavy travel; so to ensure that I do not miss my workout, I ensure that I walk from my hotel to work area and in the evenings before any dinner, do a quick run and walk to the place.

4. What has running given me / Why running ??

Running gives me an IMMENSE HIGH feeling. One such moment is when I finished 12 hour Mumbai run in 2014. When I friends asked me register, I was quite skeptical BUT when the clock struck 5pm on 15th aug, 2014..I had finished running for 12 hours, I could clock 78kms.That was one high I experienced. Second memorable moment was when a good friend cum fellow runner managed to achieve his personal best in Goa in 2014; was happy that I could guide him and give him the required impetus when the race started.

Running has given me many many friends. People who just got introduced to me as runners, have now become part of my life and are my besties – SHLOKA Group smile emoticon . Sanjay Sir ( Club Marathon coach ), Satish Gujran, Biju, Murali, Bobby, Unmesh Nayak, Varun Joshi, Ram and many many more are in my life ONLY because of RUNNIG.

5. Any suggestions, TIPS – Don’t Compete or try and emulate others. Compete with self, train as per your requirements and most important – LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.