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BNP Endurathon ….. My fight against My Inner Demon.

BNP 2015 :-BNP 2015
I am leaving the race ; I made a desperate last attempt at requesting Babu and Krunal at around 7kms …… chup kar said babu and you can do it buddy said krunal . Murali was like no you will not leave the race.
This was the race where I was wasted totally , I hit the wall at around 3kms , can you believe this ,I have a decent experience in running , have been running from few years with enough mileages under my shoes .
But this day in 2015 was something different, I was not moving ; my mind had lost the battle with roads and the tar .
In 2015 , April , life had suddenly taken a U turn on professional front . Was going through pressure cooker situation . My survival was becoming a big task, the mounting EMIs etc etc .
I had stopped training , taken to binge eating and yes boozing too , I would get up for my training , then wear my running attire and after getting ready would again sink back to bed . Life continued this way . Mala and parents would encourage me . My brothers and my friends would buck me up and what a support they gave me during the most difficult time of my life .
Every one at home would urge me to Run…. “Go Run, you look so happy when you are in your spirits “. Many a time I went for a 10kms run and would come back after 10 mins .
A big lesson learnt “when you are not mentally in this world , nothing can keep you happy ; even running “ .
This is when I took up to writing and creative writing . Ideas would flow . My humor sharpened after seeing my struggle .
I was having a solace that I am a fauji and should fight back . Life started looking up , stages of life is like stages in Running , some times on even surface , some times a hill run , sometimes a tempo and some time a LSD. Life is a mix of 42kms ..
I landed straight from Surat the race day morning and then inspite of half mood to run , I ventured out to participate and completed the race in 3hrs 41 mins , totally wasted and depressed . Only and only because of Babu , Krunal and Murali . Babu and Krunal , didn’t leave me and walked run with me to complete along with me .Murali needed to be at home soon and I requested him to run the second loop fast .
As Jesse Owen Says “Awards become corroded , friends gather no dust “ – so true . (Viv copied from your status).

SCMM neared and before I could know I was royally f…….d . But my writing flourished and yes I penned a epic SCMM experience which went viral . As they say God is great , my life started to get back on track . I started running again .
This was also the time when I had to leave the club with whom I was training with . It was a heart breaking moment but life has to move on . I started visualing my Navy days and my initial days of marathon running , when I would train solo and my dear friend babu for company many a times . Slowly and steadily I was back on track , as if I got a new lease of life . I started gymming , loosing some weight . I started preparing for my first competitive run after the hiatus , puma urban stampede a 5kms relay event . I would train solo and with my besties of mulund . I did it in 26.53 and yes I was happy . Training continued , paced few events too and was super happy when I did endurathon 27kms.

I am Back BNP 2016 :-BNP 2016

My real wait was to Run BNP ; since this was the place I failed miserably last year ; I lost my battle to inner self ; I was almost over in 2015 . I never wanted to take any chance and wanted to prove that I am what I am . I trained along with Bobby, Murali , Krunal , PC , Reji , Rahul . Would turn on to advise from Babu and satish sir . My D3 gang , my super 7 gang and MRR kept my spirits high .
As I stood on the start line of BNP emotions were flowing high ; I have been here every year right from 2011 when the first race happened in BNP under erst while MRR . My Bib had not arrived and all the scenes of 2015 was repeating and I was knowing that there is no babu , krunal and murali this time around . But I had my super friend Bobby along to motivate.
At the start line , saw many of the known faces and many dear friends. I started slow along with Bobby , I was knowing this route in and out and hence wanted to conserve for second loop . When 7kms passed the demon of 2015 was beaten , the volunteers and the hill motivators cheered me up till the first hill , then descended decently and was there on Gandhi tekdi soon , I took it easy and was on my way back to second loop . Now was the real challenge , will I be able to sustain and do well , yes I knew I have trained hard . Hari sir came as an angel and the next 4kms I ran with him from 13kms to 17kms and it ensured that I am on track for a negative split . I requested him to move on , since he had to pace his many students . I was running good ; I continued my run walk on the kanheri tekdi and then ran back down , at 21 kms the mental barrier was overcome , I was cramping a bit . I took it easy , vivek soni joined for 2kms and then Gaurav joined there after , he kept me pushing and I too kept my run intact ran strong infact the last kms down hill I was flying . I crossed the 25kms at 3.16 and the race distance which was 400 mtrs more at 3.18.52 along with Gaurav and Nadeem . Bobby too followed.

I improved almost by 20 to 25 mins . I was feeling strong and emotionally high . Though not a great time for many , but for a 85kg mallu nair , the timing was good given the terrain and given the battle I fought . Conquered the demon in me. Life is back on track , my first book is to be released soon and yes the curvaceous roads and trails of BNP I will be back in 2017.

Daud Ke Chal – Running and Fauji – A Love Hate Relationship

Cadet Daud ke Chal ….. Shouted the PTI (Physical Training Instructor) . This phrase was good enough to give us a spine chilling moment. Naval Academy days were one of the toughest yet one of the most memorable part of my life. Ask any Fauji and Academy days would be his best days . The camaraderie, the course mates, the ragdas, the restrictions, the drill , the parades, the patti  parades , the list go endless …..

Read it somewhere  “My Sports is the punishment for your sports/activity “.  How true this phrase is , most of our punishments use to be running  round the parade ground with or without  rifles,  initially it use to be horrible but things started changing and running became part of our life albeit the enjoyment and the happiness it beholds now .

“Restrictions”  were running around the parade ground during the afternoon hours , so one restriction means 5 rounds  of the parade ground  which use to be more than 600 Mtrs , so restrictions use to add up and the punishments started to be in the number of restrictions …… 1, 2 …… 20….. 25 restrictions.

The most awaited event of the academy was the cross country were in the squadrons use to pitch against each other for points and the championship , there were many sports and the points earned by squadron  used to get added up as a cumulative score  generic for celebrex. When the cross country were announced, entire academy use to  go in to preparatory mode, entire squadron has to run. On the race day it was  like entire academy runs as if there is no tomorrow. More than anything it was the pride to ensure that your respective squadron flag is hoisted in the academy for the academic year.

Today in contrast, running has become a passionate sports to me  , I love every moment of it , every stride I run , every km I run , every breathe I inhale , back then in academy everything use to work on a reverse clock , it was like running 12kms in an hour time or  so we were more worried about the timings and we knew if we are not able to make in the cut off time ,  what awaits at the academy gate was more worrying , the frog jump  from the base of the academy gate to the main gate (it was like the first climb of the yeoor hills) ….. we were always worried about the timings then …..

Today when I hear about the cut off timings at various events it reminds me of the academy days , where cut off was the most dreaded word ……

All our activities in academy was on DAUD KE CHAL Mode and when any seniors or Adjudant use to notice us on the academy roads it use to be in  DOUBLE UP mode and when any seniors use to be in punishment mode , there was a particular word “SPRINT  BASTARDS”, during this announcement we were not even allowed to look back and have to sprint as I do today during my last 100 mtrs of the run ….

The annual passing out camp was the most dreaded one ….. in the running parlance it is called Ultra Running ….. we had to undergo a compulsory 2 days camp where running use to start in groups or division, the beauty and the uniqueness was all the 8 cadets in the group had to run together covering more than 100kms in 2 days , throughout the night using GPS and with limited ration , we had to run through the tar road, the trails , the jungle ………and have to reach the base camp at the predecided time……..

We never had the luxury of  Carboloading, hydration , sports shoes , post run stretches etc…..

Canvas sports shoe was the most prized possession , the morning tea and the glucose biscuits and the occasional cold coffees were the elixir of life , punishments were our warm ups and stretches…….

Running was an integral part of growing up in Fauj , from cadet to an officer ….. Running made Faujis out of Men and Women…..Long distance running was not a passion then…. it was compulsion …… wish it had been a passion then……..

Once a Fauji , always a Fauji…….Jai Hind.