She’s the PYT with the SUV. Besides being a consistent runner over the years, Anchal also volunteers regularly on our Bandra NCPA runs. Those who know her would say that she runs hard and parties harder. MRR caught up with Anchal to get a brief insight into her running world.


1. How did your initiation into running happen? And when?
About 4 years ago, I would see these super fit people running at all times of the day, in the streets and parks of Hong Kong. They all looked so good and made it look so effortless that I soon deluded myself into thinking that I could do it too.

2. What was the reason you got into running?
So that I could beat that annoying person on the next treadmill and of course to look like those runners they show in the movies. Still waiting for the latter.

3. What was your initial experience when you started running in Mumbai in terms of weather, people’s response the roads, traffic and crowds?
I thought nobody runs in Mumbai, other than for trains and busses. After all there is no place to run! Initially it was a bit daunting and awkward, cos everywhere you look you get that smile-less stare from everyone. Luckily I get to run on a beach and am saved from weaving through traffic, which in any case is very minimal in the early hours. Most of the year, the weather is just plain cruel – but you just get used to it and get a little stronger, one humid day after another.

4. How did you hear about Bandra NCPA monthly run? Any memorable or funny moments?
I heard about it through Anjali (Patwardhan) if I remember right. It’s not at all funny when every single person in the group overtakes me, every time!

5. A word on your association with Mumbai Road Runners and Bandra-NCPA run
MRR is an amazing group of runners who warmly embrace each and every runner irrespective of their running credentials. Being a lone runner of sorts and not having a coach or formal running group, these once a month Bandra – NCPA group runs give me that sense of being a part of the running community (without any of the drama 😉 , and it’s here that I have met some really great people and made some seriously awesome friends!