On the occasion of Women’s day tomorrow, penned down a poem as an ode to all women runners.

From the day we are born,
Between different roles we are torn
Catering as a mother, sister or a daughter,
Our lives are stressful, giving no room for laughter.

All we need is some me-time
To ensure that we are always at our prime
To break free from the stress of routine
And in turn fight our gene.

Taking the first step outside our doors
Is one way to relive ourselves from our chores
Saddled in our tees, shorts, shoes and caps
We are all set set to conquer those miles and laps.

With each and every stride
We feel a sense of pride
Feeling the flush of the sun’s first rays
Keeping those bouts of despair at bay.

As the wind blows on our faces
We pause our run in phases
Relishing the new found freedom
Taking the reigns of our little running kingdom.

Every breath and every heart beat
Establishes our remarkable feat
Be it a short or a long run
This is our idea of fun.

As our goals are set a notch higher
We gradually become mightier
With an increase in our endurance or pace
That eventually results in a medal with grace.

Every achievement is,for us,a hype,
As we battle not just our minds but stereotypes
With every goal that we aspire
Million others we manage to inspire

Running isn’t an easy feat
As we constantly juggle on our feat
Yet it creates a sense of serenity
Besides being a mom, daughter and sister
These strides create a new sense of identity!

Happy women’s day to all! Keep running and continue to inspire!