I was running furiously amidst the darkness with not a single soul on the road Check This Out. For once I wanted the entire city of Mumbai to myself without having to share it with the noisy vehicles or other fellow folks.  I began to hear footsteps behind and  turned around. There was nobody. Was it my imagination? My mind began to pulsate with the eerie images from those horror movies I grew up watching.  I quickened my pace and ran faster, perspiration soon trickling down my face.  I soon found myself on a slope that just went up and up. The hills seemed never-ending leaving me to wonder where I was headed. The spooky silence sent a chill down my spine not making things easy.  I soon spotted a gleam of light at a distance and gladly ran towards it hoping to end my strides there.

As I went towards it, the light seemed to elude me by moving further away. ‘How weird’, I thought as I gathered my wits, desperate to reach this ball of light at any cost. This was turning out to be a prolonged run, more than what I had expected. By now perspiration was at its peak with not a drop of water left in my bottle. ‘Why on earth did I decide to venture out in the darkness on my own?’ I thought in despair as the fading light began to diminish any hopes that I had left. Just as I was on the verge of giving up,  I found the road going downhill. I gladly sprinted down only to stumble on a stone and roll downwards on those deadly spiral slopes.   I found myself gushing down in full force with no control over myself. My eyes closed in terror as I came to a screeching halt. After a few minutes I heard a faint melodious sound near my head.

I finally opened my eyes to disable my alarm clock which I had set for my morning run today. As I sat up on my bed, I was still perspiring. I looked around my room which was engulfed in darkness. Yet I felt relieved to be amidst familiar surroundings instead of being lost and forlorn on some never ending slopes of a desolated road. Still shaken up by my dream I slowly got up to get ready for my run. Before stepping out,I opened my drawer to pull out my speakers. As I glanced up momentarily at the calendar, it displayed May 13th 2016.

It was Friday the thirteenth!