We have many running groups across the country but what is so unique about MRR?

– is it that MRR has around 9000 members?

– or is it that this group is ” by the runners and for the runners?”

Very few running groups can boast of having a monthly group run, every 1st Sunday of the month, continuously for the past 7 years!! Whether it’s peak summer months or the wet monsoons of Mumbai, come what may, these monthly runs will always happen.

Last Sunday 2nd July was MRR’s 7th anniversary and the entire running community of Mumbai was looking forward to it. We had +400 runners who braved the heavy downpour and still made it for the event. The entire route from Carter road to NCPA was as if a race was happening in the city.

Like for all monthly runs, there were enough water stations on the route and enthusiastic volunteers cheering the runners.

As a memento, every runner earned a medal which they proudly displayed and many even posted on the social media. Also breakfast was served to everyone, which everyone relished. And in this weather hot tea was also served.

Now all these costs money but the admins decided to charge only Rs 100 per person!! I am sure the costs were much higher than that. The best part about these runs are the camaraderie amongst the runners seen after the run. Every one wants to be clicked and take selfies with their friends and people who they feel inspire them.

I have personally seen this group grow by leaps in the last 5 yrs. Whether it is the admins or the volunteers or the photographers, everyone puts in their 100% and work selflessly sacrificing their own interests.

What more do I expect from MRR?

Possibly getting into organising a race