Race strategy- Checklist to Help You Run a Faster Race

My 11 Point Checklist to Help You Run a Faster Race- Heath Matthews Introduction This article is a collection of points I have developed using my personal experience in both competitive and social running over the last 27 years. It is by no means exhaustive and I am sure your personal checklist may be different. I hope that by looking into my approach to a race you are able to gain something from it and perhaps add a point or…

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Body caveats in endurance running physiology first

BODY CAVEATS IN ENDURANCE RUNNING…physiology first Dr Arvind Gupta . Running is popular in it’s own right and a fitness activity across the globe, and it’s sad that +50% runners get injured every year. Still articles keep pouring in about avoiding injuries only on belief, arguments and theories and possible links … exhalation on same foot, exhale long, inhale long, sync strides to respiration as the impact load is 3 times body weight and so on. STRIDE — BREATH LOCKING…

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